RoomFinder – Build to learn

We are building a room reservation application (RoomFinder) to architect the below technologies and explore several use cases. This project is designed to put in place and evaluate framework technologies including beacons and several foundational Microsoft services. The goal is to explore Bluetooth beacons as a potential within Meijers retail stores.

  • Beacons
  • Public Cloud – Azure & .NET
  • Mobile App Development – iOS, Xcode, Swift
  • App Delivery: HockeyApp
  • Source Code repository: Git
  • Source Code Management: TFS Online/VSTS
  • Agile Work Tracking: VSTS
  • Exchange Web Services

‘RoomFinder’ Objective:

Allow Meijer Corporate employees to quickly review and reserve rooms that are close and available. Functionality chiefly provided by beacons and MS API’s

Along with room reservations, Room Finder will offer integration to Lync. Updating Lync statuses on the fly communicating current campus location details giving corporate team members the ability to communicate their location details on the fly automatically as they move from one location to another.

The scope of the effort will be limited to 985 3 rd floor as an initial proof of concept. Distributing six beacons across the third floor of 985 will give adequate coverage for our purposes.